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How can enterprises survive in the midst of disruption? How can their decisions affect their evolution? These questions drive my research curiosity as a management scholar. I am passionate about investigating these topics; it guides how I teach, provide students with professional development, foster academia-industry connections and perform institutional service.

The research approach mainly used to address the questions above has also ultimately inspired the name of this blog. In fact, "The Businesstype" has been ideally thought to stimulate an intellectual comparison with the genotype in natural sciences.

More specifically, I am part of an international community of management scholars who make comparisons with biology, and use insights from psychology, to analyze key business phenomena, such as firm/industry competition, corporate crises/turnaround processes, or new ventures' infant survival/death. Real estate is one of the industries which I focus on the most.

Recently, I have been honoured to serve in different institutional roles including: Co-Chair of the Strategic Interest Group of "Research Methods and Research Practice" at the European Academy of Management; Director of the PhD Programme in Management, and of the Master’s Programme in Real Estate Economics and Management at the Tor Vergata University of Rome; Senior Associate Editor for Management Decision and Co-Editor for the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development. 

When I am "offline" from work, I love running and building LEGOs. I am a fan of the Frosinone Football Club, my beloved hometown.

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