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EURAM 2020


Drawing understanding from all the business and management disciplines, the “Research Methods & Research Practice” SIG at the European Academy of Managment seeks to serve as a supportive platform to all those senior and junior scholars interested in all the aspects of academic research. Interests range from research design to execution, development of theoretical knowledge, output dissemination and social/policy making impact.

The SIG experience at EURAM 2020 (December, 4th-6th) was vibrant and highly engaging in terms of themes, study settings, and discussions derived. Studies presented have use a variety of research methods, these including: conceptual/discussion papers, ethnographic studies, literature reviews, qualitative case studies, agent-based modelling, experiments, textual data, discursive approaches.

Overall, the SIG programme has offered:

- 1 Kick-Off session, organized by the SIG Chairs Bill Lee (University of Sheffield) and Gianpaolo Abatecola (Tor Vergata University of Rome);

- 1 Plenary session about Action Research, organized by the SIG Plenary Chairs Viktor Dörfler (University of Strathclyde) and Marc Stierand (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne). Panelists have been David Coghlan (Trinity Business School), Shankar Sankaran (University Technology Sidney), and Erik Lindhult (Mälardalen University);

- 1 General Track about Research Methods and Research Practice, organized by the SIG General Track Chairs David Guttormsen (USN School of Business, University of South-Eastern Norway) and Huiping Xian (University of Sheffield);

1 Combined Standing Track about Complex, Evolving Ecosystems and Resource Networks, chaired by Johan Kask (Örebro University School of Business);

11 Competitive Paper Sessions, and 32 Papers presented.

Relatedly, one paper from the SIG General Track was also awarded the Conference Best Paper Award. Title: "From Theory to Theorizing: Framing and Assessing the Vitality of Management and Organization Studies". Authors: Stewart Clegg (University of Technology Sydney), Miguel Cunha (Nova School of Business and Economics), and Marco Berti (University of Technology Sydney).

The SIG journey now moves towards EURAM 2021, again virtually. Deadline for submissions, January, 12th, 2021, 2 pm, Belgian time.

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