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New book on happiness in business, entitled Yellow Factor, published by Rosaria Cirillo Louwman and Stan Phelps.

The Authors called Yellow Goldfish (or Factor) anytime a business does a little extra to contribute to the happiness of its customers, employees, or society. Even when companies choose other ways than happiness to differentiate themselves, every company and each of us can still have a ☀️Yellow Factor 🌻 and do a little extra that seeds happiness, shines sunlight, and contributes to a happier, healthier, and more sustainable world.

Based on nearly 300 case studies, the Yellow Factor book provides a nine-part framework for happiness-driven growth, productivity, and prosperity in business. The book is broken into three main sections:

Section I outlines the Why. It explores the history and science of happiness and the background of the metaphors behind the Goldfish, the Sunflower, and the color Yellow.

Section II showcases the What. We’ll uncover nine keys for H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S: Health, Autonomy, Purpose, Play, Integrity, Nature, Empathy, Simplicity, and Smile.

Section III explains How. Here we share the process behind developing your Yellow Factor to Drive G.R.O.W.T.H.: Grounding, Reaching-up, Operationalizing, Wowing (or Wow Blossoming), Taking Time, and Harvesting.

Section IV summarizes the key takeaways and provides extra resources and a list of Happiness in Business Trailblazers.

More information about the book can be found here:

A blog series containing highlights from the book is also available here:

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